Rest Easy Hosting

Add Hosting and Domains
to Your Company's Service Offerings

Put yourself and your business ahead of the rest by providing in-house website hosting and domain services to your clients. As you enhance and strengthen your client relationships you'll also be adding a significant new revenue stream to your bottom line.

We've designed our Reseller Program with web developers in mind, but the program works just as well for anyone who wants to offer web hosting and domain services but doesn't have, or want to focus on, the years of technical experience required to manage and maintain a fleet of hosting servers.

As a Rest Easy Hosting Reseller you can raise your income potential while simplifying your client management infrastructure. You will be able to manage all of your clients' websites under one convenient cPanel login. This is a great opportunity for design professionals to provide quality hosting services, under your own company's brand, at your chosen price structure. An additional benefit not typically offered among wholesale vendors is that our tech team is available to help you provision new accounts and services if you need, at no additional cost.  We help you focus on your clients by taking care of the heavy technical stuff.

Here is how our Reseller Hosting Program works:

  • No cost to become a Reseller, you simply sign up and then purchase monthly hosting accounts from us at wholesale prices.
  • You brand the hosting as your own and resell to your client in any way and at any price you choose.
  • You provide all 1st tier support for your client. (Rest Easy Hosting provides 2nd tier support to you directly. We do not initiate or accept direct contact with your client).
  • You pay one consolidated monthly bill for wholesale hosting services.

We provide you with all the tools you'll need to support your clients:

  • One cPanel admin login to manage your hosting accounts (your clients get their own individual cPanel logins with standard end-user permissions)
  • Wholesale pricing to allow you a comfortable profit margin
  • Discounted domain name registrations
  • Discounted SSL Certificates

Register now and add Hosting services to your business offerings today!